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Mental Health Assessment in Waltham, MA

Schedule a Mental Health Assessment in Massachusetts

The road to recovery begins with uncovering the root of your problem, as well as the best approach to handling it. Schedule an appointment with Global Behavioral Healthcare LLC to get the process started. You may request an in-office mental health assessment in Massachusetts, or a telehealth session for your convenience. We look forward to supporting you along your journey to a happier, healthier life.

Mental Health Specialist in Waltham, MA

Our Process

For every patient, we aim to create an effective treatment plan, set clear goals, and provide appropriate assistance for achieving those goals. During your first meeting with one of our mental health counselors, we’ll begin by conducting an HPI (History of Present Illness). Afterward, we’ll talk to you about the troubles you’re facing that led you to seek treatment.

We are looking to determine the biopsychosocial aspect of your situation and whether it manifests as a medical issue or a psychosocial issue. This comprehensive mental health assessment and diagnosis is a crucial tool in evaluating your condition and deciding on the best path forward.

Telepsychiatry Available

If you’re unable to visit us for in-office visits, we make it easy to reach out from your home, office, or any private space. All you need to access our psychotherapy services is a broadband connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Our HIPAA-compliant telepsychiatry utilizes highly secure video conferencing software for your convenience and safety.